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So first, fill in the Start Planning Form and one of our travel experts will text you within 1 hour. Once you know where you want to go and are ready to book, we set you up with a reservation in our system. You and your friends will be able to hop on the link, create your accounts, and make payments separately. This will be your portal to access trip information at any time

We’ll keep this answer straight forward…

We’re the only travel company dedicated to spring break travel that is owned and operated by recent college grads just a few years older than you. We are you! We know what is needed to make sure you have a lit time, and we’ll be partying right next to you the whole week. Let’s GO!

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Your package will be custom created based on budget. However, a standard travel package comes with:

  • An all-Inclusive Resort
  • 4 or 5 nights stay
  • Roundtrip flights from your nearest major airport
  • Unlimited food and booze on the resort
  • Transportation from the airport to resort and back
  • On-site spring break hosts
  • 24/7  support staff


There are opportunities to upgrade, downgrade, and add party passes to your package

Yup! We got you. Text with your Spring Break Specialist to set up the best payment schedule for you

If you’re the party type like us, we recommend you add our party pass to your package. Say goodbye to waiting in long lines, paying a cover, or having to pay for drinks. The party pass features bar/club nights and special events. Hop in your portal or ask your SBS for details on your party pass options

Your exact flight details will be available approximately 30 days before the start of your trip. We work with all airlines to get you the best possible commute within package budget. The airline may charge additional fees for checked baggage or other optional services

Honestly, they all poppin. You really can’t go wrong with anywhere you go. We’ll hook it up either way

Now! The longer you wait – the less availability there is, the higher prices get, and the more likely you are to miss out. If your friends are dragging their feet, hop in now, we can add them later

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